Bitcoin (BTC) reclaims $30,000 mark

Bitcoin (BTC) reclaims $30,000 mark

As fast as it goes downhill, it goes uphill again. Bitcoin (BTC) gains 12 percent overnight.

Bitcoin is happening in quick succession. After falling by double-digit percentages yesterday, prices are now picking up at the same pace. On a daily basis, the key crypto currency is up 12 percent.

Bitcoin Price 13.05.2022
Source: Glassnode

BTC is thus recapturing the important mark of $30,000. One coin costs $30,648 at the time of writing.

The forecast of our market experts surveyed yesterday also turns out to be accurate. Stefan Lübeck saw the market dynamics as clearly oversold and already suspected a countermovement.

Bitcoin had recently fallen sharply in the wake of the turmoil surrounding the Terra ecosystem. The native token Terra Luna lost 99.97 percent of its value

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